Custom Agency

USBOX Customs Agency offers the following services:

  • Full customs clearance;
  • Intrastat;
  • Representation before customs authorities;
  • Preparation of complete documentation;
  • Customs advice;
  • Securing payment of customs duties;
  • Handling customs procedures with economic impact;
  • Simplified procedures, import customs clearance pursuant to the Article 33a – without the need to pay VAT on imported goods;
  • Launching transit procedures with TIR carnets, by means of the simplified procedure;
  • Customs clearance in post offices (in Zabrze and Warsaw);
  • Issuing transit notes;
  • Common agricultural policy.

With our authorization to follow simplified procedures, we can deliver customs clearance 24/7, regardless of customs offices’ working hours.

We also provide specialized consulting services regarding customs clearance and shipping.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.