How to go shopping in the US? Together!

In the past, I would often see something I wanted to have right away but I couldn’t find that. Once it was a wallet, the other time a rucksack, and then some great book. I would fail to find either at online stores, auction platforms or even brick-and-mortar shops. Usually I spotted the product I wanted at some online store; it was out of stock, though. I found that quite frustrating.

I was usually able to find everything in US stores. Thrilled, I would enter the shop just to discover that it also offered plenty of cool products I had never heard of. After adding my items to the basket, however, I had to change my mind as the cost of shipping would double the price of the items.

Shipping from the US is so expensive because products might be shipped in several small packages, which is then obvious when shopping at different stores. Shipping each product separately raises the final cost by a great deal. What is more, staff members at US stores might not always want to optimize your shipping to Poland as they use one shipping company by default, and these might charge high fees for shipping across the ocean.

Now comes the good news! The expensive shipping problem is a thing of the past as USBOX has come up with the idea of group shopping, a solution that cuts down the cost of shipping from the US.

Group shopping is easy and affordable. Who hasn’t got some friends who are after some gadgets unavailable in Poland? You certainly have some relatives who need electronics, and, as you might know, electronic gadgets are usually cheaper in the US. Now your dreamed product, or a bunch of them, comes from the US at a few clicks! And you and your friends or relatives can save a lot by buying all of those things together.

Talk to your neighbors, parents and workmates and ask them for links to the items they want to buy at American stores. You just need to set up an account at or, if you already did, log into your USBOX account and obtain shipping codes – addresses enabling you to order all of the items to USBOX storehouse in the US. Many of the shops offer free shipping within the US, others might ask for insignificant shipping fees. These will be much lower than with the Polish shops, though.

By placing the order on, you consolidate your packages into a single big and heavy package, and the heavier the package in air freight the less you pay per kg. The storehouse staff then packs everything you ordered into a single package and USBOX sends it by plane to Poland. There it is picked by UPS, a recognized shipping company. The package arrives at your doorstep in no time; and your friends and family come to love you even more.

It is really so easy. And much cheaper than any other solution.