Legal support

Shopping for inexpensive items throughout the world is easy, especially with popular web stores. Things get complex with specialized and expensive products, or orders to manufacture such products. On many occasions, USBOX has seen Polish importers face issues regarding warranty conditions, preparation of manufacturing orders, sales contracts etc., as well as the level of risk in this kind of transactions. Keep in mind that consumer rights across the world may differ from those in the EU and might also differ among various states within a single country. Warranty conditions may vary, too, something you can learn more about HERE on the example of the U.S. and Canada. A good command of business English and the knowledge of international trade rules are often not enough for the customer to place a manufacturing order or properly prepare a purchase contract. Problems of this nature also concern Polish exporters. The familiarity with local legal conditions is necessary to complete a transaction in a confident and favorable way. On many occasions, USBOX has supported importers and exporters with legal advice on transactions with various countries across the globe.


Our advice covers:

1. Examination of contracts in place or contracts being prepared;

2. Examination of and advice on warranties and defining post-warranty conditions;

3. Participation in negotiations of purchase and shipping costs.


All advice is provided on an individual basis. This service is priced individually.

Please do not hesitate to send us your enquiry.