Relocation property

Relocation property is personal property of individuals moving abroad to live there or returning from a permanent stay abroad. As of January 1, 2010, the rules of personal property (relocation property) are governed by the Council Regulation/EC/ No. 1186/2009z of November 16, 2009 setting up a Community system of reliefs from customs duty.

In line with the general principles laid out in the regulation, if the property is not shipped for sale, it is exempt from import customs fees. Our services cover both shipping by air and LCL sea transport. We provide comprehensive customs and shipping services for relocation property. We can pick your cargo up, provide for customs clearance and ship it to virtually any place in the world.

Documents needed:

– Driver’s license or ID;

– A list of relocation property (quantity and type of items to ship to Poland, number of cartons with the property);

– Identity card or a Polish passport;

– A confirmation of permanent residence in Poland (issued by a competent city/town hall);

– 3 types of documents to confirm a stay in the U.S. for a period longer than a year, e.g. utility bills (electricity, gas, phone, TV), monthly bank statements, and tax statements.