Shipping dangerous goods

Both in air and sea transport, dangerous goods, or DGR, are a special kind of cargo due to the level of danger involved in transportation.

These materials are divided into several classes of danger:

  1. Explosive materials and items;
  2. Gases;
  3. Flammable fluids;
  4. Flammable solids;
  5. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides;
  6. Toxic and infectious materials;
  7. Radioactive materials;
  8. Corrosive materials; and
  9. Other dangerous materials and items;

How to transport them?

As they can pose a real threat to people and the safety of aircrafts and ships, the transportation of this kind of cargo is subject to numerous laws and regulations.

When it comes to air transportation, we provide shipping services for dangerous materials in line with the rules of the International Air Transport Association. The procedures and requirements vary depending on the class of danger and shall be met before your cargo can be shipped.

The Dangerous Goods Shipper’s Declaration is a mandatory document.

Please note that the amounts of many dangerous substances and materials that can be transported by a passenger or freight aircraft are strictly limited. Some dangerous materials are banned in air transport.

The services related to and the transport of dangerous materials is more expensive, both in terms of transport costs and airport fees and related shipping services.

We consider each enquiry on an individual basis and provide custom quotes depending on the type of UN, gross weight, dimensions of the package required by law, as well as the port of destination.