Shopping on our customer’s behalf

The USBOX shopping platform facilitates shopping at well-known stores and with suppliers throughout the world. On behalf of our customers, we can purchase any product and ship it from the seller to a given address in Poland. In addition, we will take care of all purchase-related formalities. We will contact the seller, properly secure the goods for transport and attend to the customs clearance.

In order to determine estimated purchase and transport costs, we need a link to the web store with the product you want to buy. To provide a quote, we also need to know the weight and dimensions of the product and exact pickup and delivery addresses. Following the acceptance of costs, we will provide the customer with a purchase order for them to sign it.

In addition, we can make payments in any currency on customer’s behalf. If you transfer to our account an amount in PLN, we will convert it at the best market rate. We make payments with PayPal as well as regular bank transfers (the least favorable option).

If you need this service, plese fill in the enquiry form and we will provide you with a quote.