Transport insurance

When using transport services, keep in mind that it is of great importance to pack things properly and with great care to maximize the protection against damage. Goods shipped by air, sea and road are subject to many processes such as transshipment, loading into the container or on board the aircraft. These processes involve vibrations, temperature changes and other factors that may affect the condition of the cargo shipped. For this reason, it is recommended to secure insurance. When ordering a given transport option, you should declare the value of your shipment and pick an insurance option (free or extra).

USBOX has an insurance contract with Warta, which allows us to act as an intermediary in buying a voluntary insurance policy. We recommend not to lower the real value of the shipment because any compensation for damage or loss will be paid only up to the stated amount.

To get a quote for transport with extra insurance, please use our enquiry form and select relevant option and specify the value needed.