Guarantees / complaints

We wish to inform that USBOX provides logistical services of delivering parcels from the USA to Poland. A purchase and sale agreement is contracted between the U.S vendor (i.e. online store) and the buyer. USBOX takes responsibility for a logistical delivery of a package from the moment of its arrival at the U.S warehouse to handing it over to the client. The company assumes no responsibility for the contents of packages nor their compliance with the client orders. USBOX may help you return the claimed goods.
U.S vendors are obliged to provide the following forms of warranty:

 Responsibility within the so called express warranty (i.e. defective goods) – The seller’s responsibility. Time limits for complaints vary according to the state. Any description of the goods, which is made part of the basis of the bargain creates an express warranty that the goods shall conform to the description. The seller’s opinion and commendation of the goods does not create a warranty.
• Responsibility within the so called implied warranty (merchantability, usage of trade) – The seller’s responsibility. This assurance is characterized as a warranty irrespective of whether the seller has expressly promised it orally or in writing. As a result, it includes an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, an implied warranty of merchantability for products. An implied warranty also protects consumers against cosmetics faults.
 Responsibility within the so called extended warranty (equivalent of a Polish warranty). Full details of the warranty are included in the warranty document or the store terms and conditions. In reality it is based on the original manufacturer’s warranty. If indicated in the warranty of the U.S purchased product is valid outside the United States, it is possible to file a complaint by means specified in the warranty document. In practice, most manufacturers divide their offer into world regions identifying “warranty zones” The warranty is valid for the given zone only, which means that products bought in the US cannot be repaired in Poland under warranty.


Note 1. When ordering a product pay attention if the world warranty has been assigned to the product as it entitles the holder to repair it in the territory of Poland.
Note 2. You should find guidelines for filling complaints or returning products on the seller’s website. It is therefore worth reviewing terms and conditions of the shop as well as buying products in the online stores which clearly inform their clients of the complaint procedure.
Note 3. The color of the actual product may vary from the color shown on your screen. The image depends on the quality of the picture, the color reproduction of the monitor or the graphics card in your computer.
The United States of America consists of 51 states. Consumer Law and complaint procedures therefore may vary among states. In the event of a complaint, a customer needs to verify a registered place of business of the company that is an owner of the shop where the agreement of sale and purchase has been made.
In case of returning purchased products, our Customer Care Centre will support our Clients and provide detailed information on the costs and dates of services.

Before ordering the service of returning goods, Clients have the right to withdraw from a consumer contract.